VStream TV | How To Set Up Receiving A Weekly Paycheck

Setting up receiving your weekly fast start in your back office is simple and easy. All you do  log into your VStream back office at http://vstream.com click on login at the upper right-hand corner of the page. Once you log in with your username and password click on the link that says Pro member back office (you’ll find it on the left hand side, directly under “home”).   Scroll down to “commissions”. Then click on weekly payment options. Select the select the first option weekly fast start payment by check (the fee is $3). Then select the minimum payment amount (it must be $20 of more). Then select the amount to leave in the account (select $50 so it covers your autoship) then click submit! It’s that simple.


VStream TV How To Create A Facebook Fanpage

I love the VStream TV opportunity, it gives me a platform to help others succeed. Whether it’s an old school Network Marketer who hasn’t yet learned how to tap into the immense traffic on facebook,  or a techie boomer like me who has  or one of the young folks on my team like Fread Omer who is simply killing it. I was inspired by him to do this post to teach anyone in the VStream TV  Opportunity how to create a Facebook Fan Page to market their VStream business. I created this video to walk you through the simple process and if you’d like you can share this with your team or just anyone you know that could benefit from this training.

Vegas 4-11

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Blogging For Leads and Profits

Blogging for leads and profit is the best way to build your business.  It is often said “the money is in the list” and it is but I no longer believe it’s about the size of the list but rather the relationship that is developed from the value you provide your subscribers. People are eager to subscribe when they know they are going to receive value. People are also eager to buy, but they hate being sold. I first put up my blog Partner with Wendy back in February of 2011. I remember I had subscribed to Jon Mroz’ list and I took his 10 day course that is still on his blog today” The Automated Online Business Transformation”. This was a value packed training and by taking my time I was able to put up my blog. I was so excited! It was painstaking  but it was such a feeling of accomplishment. I was sure I would start Blogging for leads and profits immediately.  I remember when I first learned about Alexa Rank I couldn’t wait to type in my blog URL to see my ranking. At that point I had my blog up for about 8 months. My Alexa Rank was a tick below 5,000,000 Global. I worked hard over the next several months and began to see my Alexa Rank improve it was exciting and very motivating. I made a post 3 to 4 times every week and my numbers continued to improve. I eventually had people coming to my blog and looking at over 6 pages and remaining on my site for an average time of 12 minutes! Below is a video documenting that.

Everyone of my blog post included video.  I’m not too keen on writing but I love shooting videos so nearly all of my blog posts contained video. I had opened my partner with Wendy YouTube Channel for that very purpose. Then one day my Partner with Wendy YouTube Channel got  shut down :( I was devastated. Then that devastation turned to despair the moment I thought about my blog. How would I ever pull it back together when I had literally hundreds of posts with YouTube videos inserted into them. Now these 200 posts would all have this showing when a reader clicked on my videos that were inserted in my blog.

I rarely did blog posts anymore and within a few weeks my Alexa rank went down the tubes and I gave up my blog. I really started to miss my blog, having a blog is your own little slice of Internet real estate. No haters can have your blog shut down you own the content on your blog and it’s the best place to deliver value. When you deliver value people begin to trust you. More value, and people begin to like you. Deliver it consistently and they come back and they stay on your site for 12 minutes, and they really get to know you.  On February 23rd I made a decision to put my partnerwithwendy.com back up and I’m so excited. I’ve learned from amazing mentors just what if takes to build a list of faithful subscribers. So I will continue to invest in myself to develop and learn and I will freely give that away by teaching and training others. Welcome back to Partner with Wendy I look forward to serving you :)